5 reasons why your children are getting overweight

Obesity is one of the major and serious medical conditions in children. It might seem normal for a child to be overweight but it is a severe nutrition disorder problem. According to research, 80% of overweight children have a chance of being obese entire life. Obesity among children can bring various sorts of health hazards or diseases like cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, breathing problem, high cholesterol, cancer, and many more dreadful diseases. Apart from this, they have to suffer from embarrassment from their friend which may cause them to lose their self-confidence. This may not only affect their childhood but also can deeply affect their future. Some of the reasons for obesity among children are as follows:

Improper diet

Improper diet is the major cause of obesity among children. Children should eat a balanced diet like protein-rich foods, dairy products, green and leafy vegetables and plenty of water. Excessive consumption of food with high carbohydrate and fats is the cause of overweight in children. Likewise, eating junk food, packed food, chocolates, and oily foods are the main cause of obesity in children. Excessive eating of meat product, eggs, fish makes children fat. Eating ultra-processed products which lack nutrition contains high calorie and the more artificial ingredient is the key reason for obesity in children.

Lack of exercise

Exercise helps to burn out the calories and helps a child to stay fit. Nowadays, the influence of modern technologies has prevented us to do any forms of exercise and play outdoor games. Children these days always keep on hanging on their mobile playing games every time. This has not only to make their mind dull but also has made them lazy and fat. They consume a lot of calories and burn very less of them which eventually makes them fat. They don’t involve themselves in physical activities like games and exercises.

Role of Family

Home is the place where you get the healthiest food. In contrast, nowadays parents are being careless about the diet for their children. They don’t provide their children with the necessary diet which they require. They also don’t discourage their children to eat fast food, junk food, and food with high calories in it. Parents don’t motivate their children to take part in physical activities like playing games and exercises. A child is likely to put on weight if he /she comes from a family where parents are overweight.

Socio cultural factor

The environment of the society also plays a major role in the obesity of a child. We can see the availability of foods that may harm us such as frozen foods, junk foods, chocolates and processed food instead of healthy foods in our society. This is the main cause of fatness in children. Likewise, we don’t have open places for recreation purpose for children where children can play and exercise there which can help them lose calories and can help them be fit. Big buildings and apartment are replacing open places where children can play. Likewise, there is also a misunderstanding in our society that there is no problem in feeding a child with more food. This causes overweight in a child.

Psychological factor

According to the research, taking too much stress and too less stress can result in obesity among children. Stress can be both reason and the effect of obesity in a child. Any sorts of stress to a child from parents or their friends can make them overeat to deal with such emotions or stress. It is found that sleep deprivation and psychological pressure can alter the hormones and metabolism in the ways which can provoke weight gain factors causing overweight in children.

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