Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy of the website Count Coffee.

Information collected

We may ask the viewer to enter various information to provide them more services and take their response regarding the content in the website of count cafe. The types of information collected by us are:

Personal Identification Information

The information may not be collected during registration but also can be collected while filling various forms or conducting survey that is displayed in our websites. We don’t collect any information without the knowledge of the user. We collect information only if users voluntarily will to provide us information. The viewer can clearly deny if they don’t want to provide the asked information. Some of the information that we ask includes name, address, contact number, email id and credit card information.

Non-personal Information

Apart from the personal information we also may ask you other information about the IP address of your computer, browser type and version, the pages of the content that you visit, the time and date of the visit, the time spent on them and other diagnostic data. This helps us know the traffic in our website and how our website is being used.

Cookie data

We use cookies to monitor the activity on the website of Count cafe and retrieve certain information .Cookies are usually files with less amount of data which generally includes an unidentified and unspecified identifier. Cookies are stored in your devices from the web browser you used, sent from the website using it. Cookies are used so that we can offer you those services which you use more often. It can also be used for tracking purpose as well.

If you don’t want to use the cookie then you can deny it by instructing you r web browser. This will not allow you to use the some of the major cookie services.

Use of collected data and information

Count cafe uses the collected data and information for the following purposes:

  • To provide customer care service: The information you provide can help us to respond your service request efficiently.
  • To take feedback or any complaints: We may use your information to take your feedback regarding the content and service offered by Count Cafe.
  • To monitor the use of the website: We may use some of the non-personal information to monitor the traffic in our website.
  • To send periodic emails: We may communicate with you via email to let you know about the significant changes made in the privacy policy or any other content of our website.

Transfer of data

We Count Cafe will ensure you that your data will remain 100% secured and will take all the necessary steps to safeguard your data as per this privacy policy. No, transfer of your data will take place unless there is an authorized control over the place where your information is stored.

Third party sites

The website of Count cafe may contain the links to various third party sites which are there to enhance the service to the user. After you click the link, you will be directed to their sites. Their websites are not controlled by us and we won’t bear any responsibilities for any damage caused to the user/viewer by the content of their site. We strongly advise you to look the privacy policy of their webiste before using the services provided by them.

Disclosure of Data

Count cafe can disclose your information in the following cases/ conditions:

  • To follow any sorts of legal queries or order;
  • To defend the website of the Count cafe;
  • To protect against legal accountability;
  • To assure safety to the users/viewers.

General Data protection Regulation (GDPR)

If you are living in a European country in European Union (EU) then, Count Cafe aims to take necessary steps to allow you to correct, amend, delete or limit the use of your Personal data in accordance to GDPR.


By using this website, we assume that you have read this privacy policy and terms & conditions of this site. If you are not in the favor of any of the things in it you can stop using the site.

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