Top 10 things to learn from Gautam Buddha

Gautam Buddha, the light of Asia is considered to be the greatest religious educationists of the world. Gautam Buddha was born about 2600 years ago in Lumbini, located in the southern plains of Nepal. Each and every single quote of Lord Buddha is very applicable in our life. They help us to become a better human and to live a better life. The ideology of Buddha cannot be complied with in a couple of pages as it took his entire life to find it. However, some of the major and significant pieces of his ideologies are shown below.

Seek peace with in yourself:

Internal peace is one of those instants which is difficult to explain but is easy to know. We people are living a materialistic life seeking happiness only in wealth and external material which may satisfy us for some instant, but after some time we seek to get more than what we have. Having unlimited wealth and living a lavish life may not satisfy you until and unless you have peace in you. So, inner peace is never about how much you have, it’s about how much you utilize the things that you have. Likewise, we should not destroy our inner peace with the activity of other people. If you don’t find peace within yourself, you won’t find anywhere else.

Control your mind before it controls you:

You should be the master of your mind. We are always going through a war within our mind between our two ears. Our mind does not want us to struggle, it wants us to lead a luxurious life in a comfort zone. But you grow only when you are out of the comfort zone. Your mind always wants to lead us to a least resistive path. But it’s not what will improve you. You will achieve glory only when you start working hard to overcome a difficult problem.  If you are able to control your mind, then it will lead you to a glorious path. In contrast, if mind makes you it’s captive, you won’t be able to achieve success in your life.

Choose your friend wisely

There is a saying,” A man is known by a company he keeps “.  A close friend is the one whose company helps to motivate you, inspire you and be there with you when no one else is with you. You should choose out your friend very wisely and carefully. You should usually hang out with those friends who talk about ideas and stay out of them who talk about people.

According to Buddha, the four types of genuine friends are the helper, the enduring, the mentor and the compassionate. It is better to walk alone entire life, instead of walking with a false or a fake friend even for a minute.

Health is the greatest wealth

Quality health is the most precious wealth that a person can achieve. To obtain quality health a person must be physically, psychologically as well as socially healthy. A person cannot be successful in his life if he has a problem in his health. Hence, health is the most primary need before anything else. According to Buddha six best doctors to care your health are sunshine, water, diet, air and rest. Every human being is the writer of his own health or sunshine.

Let go of fear

Fear is the greatest enemy of any person. The more you face the fear, the stronger you become. Never be afraid of fear. Fear of failure is bigger than the failure itself. Fear of people has been the reason why people have not been able to achieve the dream. Frightn of anything will not only deprive you of achieving your goals; but also will kill you internally and lower your self-confidence. Fighting the fear can destroy or kill you once, but living with the fear may kill you every single time. So, always train yourself to let go of all your fears.

What you think, you become

The divinity which Lord Buddha had within him exists in all of us. Every one of us has the power and potential to do anything we want to do. We can change our lives at any time and anywhere; we only need to have will power and proper intention to do it. If you consistently work on what you choose to become in the future, you will surely achieve it; but you should be determined for it and prepared to pace problems, obstacle, and difficult circumstances during the journey.

Doubt Isolates, faith unites

There is nothing horrible than a habit of doubt. This is the habit which will create more and more illusion and misunderstanding between you and others; which will eventually break the relation between two people. It is a venom that disintegrates a beautiful and pleasant relationship. It is an intangible weapon which kills anyone internally. In contrast, faith and belief unite the relationship among people and strengthen the bond between them. Trust is the tool upon which the whole world is relying.

Anger is your biggest enemy

We all are in a slave of our emotions. Among them, Angriness is an emotion that may ruin your life completely if not controlled. You cannot stop yourself from being angry; however, you can control your anger. The words you speak to others when you are angry is very bitter and also can be vulnerable some time enough to destroy your relation among people. So, you should speak not a thing when you are angry.

Physical glamour attract the eyes but well-being attracts mind

Physical beauty and appearance fade away with time, But wisdom and good character always remain the same. So, you should always seek for a moral character in one over the outer appearance. There is no use of having a beautiful face until you have a good soul or mind. A wise person always looks for the goodness in mind rather than Physical charm.

Word is the most powerful weapon

Spoken words are like flowing rivers which never returns back. Just a couple of words can destroy or heal mend the life of a person. You should think multiple time before speaking so that your talk becomes significant. The words you speak can motivate and manipulate one to do both good as well as a bad deed.

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