What is Vegan – Top 5 Reasons to Become a Vegan

A vegan is a person who doesn’t consume meat, eggs, dairy products, honey, or any other product from animals. A vegan diet normally includes nutritious foods, nuts, vegetables, grains, seeds, legumes, and fruits. Additionally, vegans don’t wear silk, wool, fur, and leather. A vegan diet is also called the plant-based diet. Below are some top reasons why people become vegan:

1. Health and nutrition

Most people who turn vegan read or hear about the long term benefits associated with the elimination of artery clogging. Others turn to the plant-based diets for health reasons and adopt this lifestyle due to the negative effects brought by animals on the planet. Recent studies show that veganism is gaining popularity and proves that one doesn’t have to consume animal products in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. In fact, taking plant-based diets are said to be a healthier choice.

2. Environmental protection

In recent years, the green movement has been rising. The impacts of climatic change have been seen widely nowadays, whereby the need to curb destruction has arisen. Industrialized and commercial animal farming is the main factor that contributes to environmental degradation. The facts about this can compel anyone seeking to have an eco-friendly or sustainable lifestyle to have food choices with no negative impacts on the environment.

Rearing livestock requires more land, energy, and water compared to producing grains. As a matter of fact, 27kg carbon dioxide is generated in a kilo of beef compared to 0.9 kg generated in 1kg of lentils. Studies show that a vegan diet can cut food based emissions by at least 70%.

3. Social justice

No one should really be opposed to any kind of injustice in the world. Imagine the number of animals that are bred and killed annually to form a meal. Billions of hens, cows, and calves are killed every year. The wild hens will only lay between 12 and 20 eggs in a year. On the other hand, domesticated chickens have been manipulated genetically and thus producing 250 to 300 eggs. Similarly, the female reproduction of dairy animals is been exploited and thus destroying the normal motherhood.

4. A vegan diet is good for the heart

According to research, heart disease is a major cause of many deaths in men and women. A recent study revealed that almost 2600 Americans die due to heart-related diseases with the common being coronary heart disease. Although there’re other factors affecting the levels of cholesterol in the body, persistent consumption of animal products increases the levels to unbearable levels. Plant foods, on the other hand, don’t have any cholesterol. Additionally, animal products have more saturated fats which enable the liver to produce a lot of cholesterol. The vegan diets work to reduce LDL levels, also known as ‘bad cholesterol’ by 16 percent. A high nutrient diet can even reduce bad cholesterol by even 33 percent.

5. Prevents and reverses other diseases

Studies show that plant-based diets can prevent and reverse some worst diseases. A recent study examined the relationship between egg, meat, and dairy products and some chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, prostate cancer, and breast cancer and found out there’s a direct relationship. Also, Another research on the plant-based diet that excluded animal products showed that eating whole foods can reverse some illnesses, which include fatal western disease.

In conclusion, these are some of the top reasons why people become vegan. Others believe that vegan diets make them smell better, good in bed, lose weight, and live longer. It’s also believed that there’s a global food demand. Therefore, the resources needed for meat production can cause a worldwide shortage of food. Also, you might be interested to read healthy food to fight aging

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